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LBTQ Health Equity Initiative 

California Department of Public Health

The LBTQ Health Equity Initiative of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) prioritizes Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and other sexual or gender expansive folx (LBTQ), with an emphasis on aiding youth, elders, and BIPOC in the community. Our initiative will address health disparities experienced by 2.5 million Californians state-wide who identify as LBTQ.


Our Goals

The LBTQ Health Equity Initiative will tackle (well-documented yet largely neglected) health inequities that result from a range of challenges, including deeply rooted and systemic anti-blackness, anti-LBTQ bias, and an alarming lack of culturally tailored services for LBTQ women, non-binary & binary transgender individuals. Funding for the LBTQ Health Equity Initiative was appropriated by the legislature in 2019 after community stakeholders presented compelling evidence of these inequities.

UC Santa Barbara Evaluation Team

The UCSB Evaluation Team is partnering with CDPH to provide large-scale evaluation strategy and technical assistance to community organizations across California that are receiving funds to address health disparities among LBTQ women, non-binary and binary transgender people. Our team bases its evaluation process in intersectional, health-equitable, and empowerment evaluation theories. Our goal is to emphasize the autonomy of our community while providing the assistance necessary to build data-driven evaluation skills. 


Our goal is to highlight and support the already well-developed work that our community has been engaged in across generations of LBTQ+ people.

Core Team


  • We created a brief lecture series as a companion to the evaluation manual. These videos further explore logic models, qualitative data analysis, qualitative data collection, and ethics. is an independently operated website dedicated to helping communicate information about the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) LBTQ Health Equity Initiative. is not an official government website.

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